Kirby Ginn is a graduate of the University of Tennessee who helps to bring babies into the world by day, and strengthens women in Beauty Hunters boot camp by night. Kirby grew up playing competitive soccer and running. She has completed 7 full marathons. Exercise and health have always been in her blood! Kirby loves being outside and spending time her husband, Clayton, and dog, Hatcher, in her free time.
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Mandy is a Knoxville native and a graduate of the University of Tennessee. After years of battling a negative mentality about her weight and an unhealthy relationship with food, Mandy came to a Beauty Hunters class and was instantly hooked. Before long she was attending 3-4 classes a week and beginning the healing process with her body and with the way she related to other women. “I am an only child and was never part of a team growing up,so the sisterhood that I found in Beauty Hunters was really empowering. I am so grateful for the encouragement given by all the amazing women here.” Mandy’s newfound passion quickly sparked a leap of faith as she chose to pursue her personal training certification in preparation for Koa’s arrival and Sarah’s maternity leave. “After everything Beauty Hunters has given to me, I feel like the least I can do is give back by using my time to help this amazing organization continue to grow and change lives.” Mandy now leads both 6:00am classes held on Monday and Friday mornings.


Sharon is a Knoxville native, mother of 2, and grandmother of 3 boys, she works as a Division Admin at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to 80 plus scientist during the day and is an event planner in her spare time.  Sharon was introduced to Beauty Hunters five years ago, while in a dark place in her life, not loving herself at 324 pounds.  She started personal training three days a week with Sarah along with going to beauty hunters she was doing two workouts a day and getting her eating in order.  Sharon is now a personal trainer for Beauty hunters, training in Oak Ridge on Tuesday evening, and every other Thursday at Victor Ashe. She still personal trains with Sarah, and Mandy four days a week, along with doing her own workouts to meet her goals.  “Beauty Hunters has changed my life how I see, and feel about myself, and fitness, giving back is the least I can do for this wonderful organization.”  Sharon’s goal is to love, encourage, and empower women the way Beauty Hunters did her while going through her tough period in life.  Training has now become a passion for her, along with helping women find their inner strength and encouraging them not to give up. “There were so many days and times I wanted to quit, give up, thought this is too hard and not for me, but I had Sarah, Mandy, and other Beauty Hunters informing me I Got it, I can do it, I did, and still am!”  This is the kind of empowerment, and love she wants to pour into other women, and show them it can be done.