1. This class is as hard or easy as you want to make it.
  2. There are modifications for everything.
  3. Your race; your pace!
  4. You aren’t proving anything to us.
  5. Don’t push through injury pain. That will get you nowhere.
  6. Be patient with yourself through this process! You didn’t get like you are in one day, therefore, you won’t get fit in just one day either.
  7. Who cares what other people think?
  8. Last but not least: leave your “hall monitor” mentality in the car. We are not here to compete with each other.
That being said… here is how to get started with us!
  1. Just show up! Check out our schedule for the next event.
  2. Bring a yoga mat or towel, water and a supportive mentality
  3. Make sure to get your email address to Sarah, or another board member.  (You could skip this step by just signing up for our newsletter now. Its on the right side of this page!)
Schedule of Classes