Mama of 5. Former Elite Gymnast. Certified Personal Trainer. Fitness Instructor and Gym Owner. Sandy met Sarah and immediately fell in love with her and her mission to reach women with a renewed mindset about themselves. Being in the fitness industry for over 35 years she has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. She knew there needed to be an overhaul in the minds of women and eventually the industry itself. After meeting Sarah she knew she wanted to be a part of this growing organization and reach women on a greater scale.  Teaching is her passion and helping women find their inner warrior is her mission.
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Cindy is a wife, mom to three boys, and a nuclear engineer.  Cindy is passionate about becoming healthy and strong and wants you to come on this journey with her.  She wasn’t always an athlete – far from it. She started running in 2012 and did her first half marathon in 2013.  From then on, she hasn’t stopped working on her fitness.  She had been to Beauty Hunter classes a few time in the past, but in 2018, she became a dedicated participant on Friday mornings.  The love and encouragement you feel from all the women is addictive.  With a little inspiration from Sarah, she felt the need to fill the void on Fridays after Mandy moved.  Sometimes, it’s only that little push that we all need to get going or keep us going.  Beauty Hunters is great for all women giving each other that lift when you need it most.  We are open to all shapes, sizes and levels of fitness.  There is something here for each and every one.


Katherine is a graduate of Tusculum University, in Greenville TN, where she received a bachelor’s in Human Growth and Learning. She is also a certified personal trainer. She grew up loving and competing in sports. She is a former Nationally Qualified Figure Competitor, not quite sure if she is ready to retire from competing all together. By day she works for a Brand Marketing Sign Company and by night is a group fitness trainer for a local franchised, nationally known Boot Camp. Katherine found beauty hunters about a year after it was founded and was drawn in because there was no pressure to be anything other than yourself. She was going through the love hate relationship with her body image that a lot of women deal with but very rarely share. Beauty Hunters has always been the place where women of any age or athletic ability can come workout and get that push to keep going without any judgement. She loves that Sarah’s faith is so transparent and seeing that makes her strive to share more about how much Jesus loves us and how you are more than worth it. Beauty Hunters is more than a free workout, it’s also about the bonds and friendships you make along the way. There are literally no excuses if you really want to GET IT, GET IT! Katherine knew this was her way of giving back. Her favorite part of every week is getting to teach the 1 st class that starts the week off right. DON’T STOP!